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Pubg Mobile Emulator System Requirements

- January 03, 2019


Pubg Mobile Emulator System Requirements
It seems that the popularity of PlayerUnkown BattleGrounds has reached even on the mobile platform. The mobile platform garnered attention for a while since you can play the games you love, on the go, together with your usual applications for your day-to-day life.

So let’s discuss the way how to play PUBG’s mobile version on the PC, using the emulator of its creator, Tencent Gaming Buddy!

Tencent Gaming Buddy is an emulator created by the PUBG Mobile’s creator, Tencent so that you can play PUBG Mobile on your computer. It sounds crazy since PUBG really started on the PC but now it is a quick turnaround on what it does, so how do you know if your system got what it takes to run the emulator?

Here are the system requirements for the program.

First, your CPU, the CPU needs to be either a Dual Core for Intel or an AMD with 1.8 GHz of power. This is the minimum requirement in order to run the game. Of course, the higher the CPU is, the better because you can use different visual modes that will make the game look more beautiful in the game, alongside with CPU in order to attain a great experience you need a good GPU as well.

You have two options for GPUs as well, either NVidia or AMD. For NVidia, you can use NVidia GeForce 8600/9600 GT while in AMD, an ATI/AMD Radeon HD2600/3600 should do the trick.

Now for more common ground, the memory or RAM. The minimum would be 3 Gigabytes of RAM, even though the usual memory size for standard computers are 4 GB, means you can run the game with standard specs which is nice.

The Operating System can be ranging from Windows 7 until 10, no XP mind you, that OS is not supported anymore, also no Mac and Linux, until no news from Tencent that they support the OS.

DirectX version should be DirectX ver. 9.0c, latest PCs usually have this or even higher so you should not have no problems. Finally, how much storage do you need to run the emulator. Well, you only need 1 Gigabyte of Hard Drive to make it work.

Additional features that can be noticed is that Tencent Gaming Buddy has different visual modes which were mentioned earlier. It affects what kind of resolution and definition you have for your graphics for the game. The first one is the SD 720p which requires the minimum requirements with the exception of DirectX10. The section option is the HD 1080p only this time, an NVidia GTX 660 or better is necessary to make it work.

Finally, an Ultra HD 2K option is available for the ones with great video cards, it requires GTX 1060 or better to work. These options are not necessary but for those who need a great graphic experience, then this options must be looked into as well.

And that is all we have for now. If your computer has these requirements or surpasses them, then you can play PUBG Mobile. Get your chicken dinner and dominate in this mobile battle royale in PC! For more news about PUBG Mobile, stay tuned!




after downloading the game from emulater and open the game then white and black screen is appeares plese help.very urgent...
i want to start channel in youtube plese help in this situation







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