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PUBG Mobile Download English Version Android & iOs

- March 16, 2018


PUBG Mobile
The original battle royale game has arrived (if you don’t include DayZ’s modification that is) on mobile. Presenting PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds Mobile!
From the developers that have created and collaborated with a lot of games such as League of Legends, Arena of Valor, CrossFire and more.

They will be releasing the official map for PUBG on mobile scene and it has received great amounts of praise from players as well.

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If you want to know more about it. We will talk about it all and more.

About PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is not a mobile game from the start, obviously, it started from the PC, with the same name as well, excluding the mobile.

Created by PUBG Corporation, they unleashed the game first in Early Access on Steam, gaining traction and a cult following, they released it fully and remained the same price. They ushered in the battlegrounds/battle royale genre to a whole new level where players can partake in 100-player free-for-all matchups, who will win? That depends on their survival.

Gather up your weapons and supplies, just like the movie, Hunger Games, although the difference is that you will be parachuted from the sky.

Run through a large map that may have enemies on the loose and can kill you when spotted. Avoid the radiation and go to the safe zone while the time is ticking, whoever, it will never be forever on your side as the map grows smaller with radiation taking the most of it and more players cramped up, destined to kill each other and gain the ultimate price, CHICKEN DINNER.

PUBG Mobile offers that and more, with the inclusion of mobile services that may be convenient for those always on the go.

In-Game Features

  • Bask in the greatness of the game, where you kill and fight through the hundred enemies to attain your dominance.
  • Fight like a warrior or hide like a survivalist, it’s up to you, but eventually, you will have to kill the last one to win.
  • Various weapons and items to choose and use.
  • Run through the terrain with vehicles that can take you to great distances.
  • Play with your friends to experience the original battle royale experience.

How to play the game?

First of all, you will need to download the official app on the play store or find a clean version of the game, in an APK website, however, find a reputable APK website as there may be viruses inputted on the game if you downloaded it on a fishy site.

Download Pubg Mobile APK - Download PUBG Mobile Playstore - Download PUBG Mobile Appstore

Like any other battlegrounds game, name your character, practice some and finally play in the games, you will learn the game through this and be the best among the rest.

System Requirements

Battleground games always recommend a high setting to work and PUBG is not excluded from that one. To play the game in great performance you will need to have at least 2 gigabytes of RAM to play and have the Android version 5.1.1.

However, you may be able to play it at lower versions but otherwise, you will need to upgrade your phone to play it.

Final Words

And that ends our basic information regarding PUBG Mobile, do you want to play this game more now? If so, let us know. For more information about PUBG Mobile and its new updates and features, stay tuned!

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